Winter League 2018/ 2019


Proposed Amendments Received for the 2018/19 Season AGM.



Proposal 1 - PASSED


The Harrison Shield and the Brian Reay Memorial Trophy competitions to change from a minimum 4 players, to a minimum 6 players.


Reason – Winter League is a minimum of 6 player format and the cups should mirror this.



Proposal 2 - FAILED


The Harrison Shield and the Brian Reay Memorial Trophy – If the format  remains as a 12 Singles frames, in the event of a drawn game, the play off should be a single frame instead of the best of 3.


Reason – I believe 15 frames ( potentially ) is too much to be played in one night, games will be finishing too late in the evening.



Proposal 3 - FAILED


Item 2 (d) wording to be changed to the following –

Matches to consist of 3 doubles games followed by six singles games with 1 aggregate point being awarded to the winner of each game. 2 points will be awarded to the winning team and no points awarded to the  losing team.


Note – Item 2(f) would be deleted from the Constitution if the above was approved.



Proposal 4 - FAILED


Frames to be played using the stopwatches and home team to supply these.





NOTE –Please note, once the current AGM proposals have been voted upon, the committee will update the constitution as required to suit any proposals which have been approved.







Pool League sponsored by Edwards Menswear, Penrith and Druids Arms, Penrith.

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